Emergent’s sourcing success rate is a benchmark.  Our use of LinkedIn search and contact rate is 20% more effective than the recruitment team at LinkedIn itself (wow!) and 2.8 times better than our nearest NZ competitor (source LinkedIn 2015).  Use our brand and skills to find your next star hire.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much – She was a game changer for me!”
L.L, Divisional General Manager. Hired a fixed-term contractor through Emergent in 2016
“Just wanted to let you know that J– has been fantastic. She just slotted in so well into our team environment, got on with things and took the reins. Thanks for finding her for us – it just makes such a difference!”
N.D ~July 2016
“..I’m really looking forward to having her on board and thanks for finding me another outstanding candidate!”
Chief Executive , Corporate Services
“Thanks for your overall support through this process. This would have to be one of the best executive search experiences I have had which is a real credit to you and the team at Emergent.”
Chief Executive , Corporate Services
“I am constantly amazed at the calibre of contractors Emergent has access to. If we have a truly unique contracting need it never seems to phase them and they always produce a person with the rare skills we require”
General Manager, HR
“We have been using Emergent consultants to find us a ‘rockstar’ – they’re like a breath of fresh air compared to the rest!”
C.G. Director, NZ Manufacturer & Exporter, HR
“Anna is fantastic and we are thrilled to have her on board, she has really hit the ground running and she is making a real difference already.”
Chief Executive , Corporate Services
“We really appreciate your ongoing support and constant stream of great candidates.”
Director Business, External Affairs and Tourism
“I can’t thank you both enough for helping us out with this. I know that it’s not your core business but I trust your judgement and with such a high profile request, I really didn’t want to leave it to chance. With me being off sick and having you jump in and assist – it was just such a weight off my mind.”
Group Manager, Talent Acquisition & Development
“Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. It was lovely, refreshing and inspiring to have a good discussion.”
Head of Customer Strategy & Insights
“I wanted to say thank you for working on the marketing assignment. We’re really pleased to have Lisa on board and think she will make a great contribution to developing our strategy…. I sincerely appreciate how accommodating and helpful you’ve been in this period. I won’t forget it.”
GM Sales and Marketing
“At all times Emergent was professional, completely knowledgeable, honest and caring. I really appreciated the time they took with me.”
Compliance and Administration Manager, Global business
“Thanks for your kind thoughts and all the excellent candidates you send us.”
Managing Director
“I am glad to have worked with Emergent to secure a place on the recruitment panel. Thanks to Jane also for her tip top candidate matching to date!”
Strategic Change Manager
“Thank you all for your service – you know the markets, you assess people well, you are no nonsense and dispense with the sell. I love your honesty and pragmatism and have really enjoyed working with you. People like working with people they like!”